Best of the Tableau Web: New features and growth opportunities

It’s February and it’s Valentine’s Day, so here are the blogs I loved in January. Yes, that is one of the cheesiest opening lines I’ve written for this series! I remain unapologetic. The content team asked for something Valentine-themed and that’s the best I have. 🙂


This month, I’ve seen some great posts on animations. Did you know our next release of Tableau Desktop has animations? Marc Reid has a fantastic overview of the why, what, and how and Jonathan Drummey has delivered a seismometer-style animated display. With every new feature, we open up new vistas of opportunity. Where do you think you will go with animations?

Another post I really enjoyed was from Meera Umasankar (@LosaniMeera), who helps run the Singapore Data Plus Women chapter and is a Tableau Public Ambassador. In the post, she describes her involvement with Makeover Monday and how it has helped her grow.


The big takeaway for me is how an initial feeling of intimidation gives way to a feeling of engagement, involvement, and excitement. I think this is a big issue for everyone starting out– everyone else might seem highly skilled and already well-connected with everyone else. I can reassure everyone reading this that if you’re nervous about diving into any of the Tableau/dataviz community projects, everyone started off knowing nobody. I highly recommend you take the first few steps and reap the rewards Meera describes.

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